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Composting machine / Organic Fertilizer Composter ( collacating with enzyme )

Composting machine / Organic Fertilizer Composter ( collacating with enzyme )
Product ID: JU Series
The newest mixer/composter specializes in mixing organic fertilizer & additive bacteria. It is able to put in kitchen wastes, vegetables, dead chickens, chicken excrements and so on for completely mixing, also to put in bacteria for high-speed fermentation. The specifications are easy installation and operation, time and labor-power saving. Moreover, the machine body is all made of stainless steel SUS304 for easy cleansing.
  • Convert animal & plant wastes into pure organic fertilizer in 24 hours
  • Organic fertilizer produced has high NPK value
  • This specially formulated enzyme is able to stand high temperature of 120C
  • The enzyme mix can reduce the raw manure odour significantly
Contact Detail
CEO:Li-Te Chung
Sales Contact:Li-Te Chung
Address:No. 702, Sishih Rd. Fongyuan Dist, Taichung City, 420 Taiwan

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